Graphics for an explanation web page, characters in vector

"Everyone acts like a Fresher in their own problems. But, In case of others problems, Everyone acts like an Expert ... Strange... But True!!!" (collected) 
Project "Graphics for an explanation web page, characters in vector"
I needed to draw up a professional looking set of characters and portray them in a few scenes, exchanging,money and handing over bills,then relaxing on beach , etc. No backgrounds required just the characters holding objects like money, bills, martinis.

Scene 1:) funny looking character sitting behind a stack of his bills looking frustrated
Scene 2:) funny character handing over mess of bills to professional accountant character
Scene 3:)buildings with arrows showing the bills in envelopes going to professional character
Scene 4:) accountant character handing 1 bill to funny character looking happy
Scene 5:) the character handing over money to accountant , and a slash to another scene showing same character pulling out empty pockets
Scene 6:) accountant handing over money to the buildings
Scene 7:)funny character in lounge chair from website relaxing with beverage 

This project was done by me using Illustrator, in; within 3days. And as per the client's best choice. I'm glad to do these 7 scenes (here showing together), and thus came to know that I can do something like this. It was a complete pleasure after completion of the job, while it was my first experience to do this kind of freelance work.

3D Bronze Model

"Small minds talk about Sales,
Average minds talk about Business,
Great minds talk about Growth,
But CHAMPIONS Never talk,
they just PERFORM and the WORLD talks...


Champions are not super humans...
They just fight for 1 extra second, when everyone else quits...
Sometimes that 1 extra second of effort gives the Success......" -collected.

It is a 3D model, made by me with the help of Maya software ( Its a mutant of dog & goat, :). I played with my imagination. I textured it as a bronze model. After render it looks like as it is. 

 Here are some tutorial links for learning 3d modeling in Maya:
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